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Gieljan VG is a Ghent (BE) based independent video producer. His baseline: to tell stories worth telling and to believe that a good story can't go to wase.
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Vipassana is an ancient meditation technique which goes back to the times of the Buddha. You can learn the technique - which is one of introspective and knowing yourself - in centers around the world. In this video we see testimonials of volunteers spending a couple of weeks to months of their lives working in a center. For the benefit of many.


Mannenfestival (or Men's Festival) is an annual festival organized in Belgium where - only! - men gather for 5 days to discover who they truly are. In connection with each other they participate in workshops about personal growth and self development. Consciously being men is what it's all about.

Produced by: Humo

ROGER is a documentary about self acclaimed world-champion-festival-going 'Roger Van Loon'. It tells the story of a man who gave his live to music festivals and finds himself in difficult times now that - due to a pandemic - all around the globe, events and concerts are cancelled. We go on a trip down memory lane and take a look at the life of this most peculiar man.


#wearekabul is a documentary about women's rights in Afghanistan. In this film we get an insight into the lives of 5 progressive Afghan women. We see how they work on a better future for their country and the people around them. Aired on Canvas - Vranckx.

Worthy of the Crown
Produced by:

Yemi - short for Adeyemi (Worthy of the Crown) - is an actor, born and raised in Belgium. His grandfather once asked him to become a chief in Nigeria. Together with his friend and cameraman Gieljan he goes back to look for his roots. A documentary about tribal culture in modern Africa. A journey in search of a lost identity. A quest for a title. Aired on Canvas - Vranckx.


BelDUB is a movie about the many faces of reggae music in Belgium. It brings the story of a musical scene in the margins, from the pioneering years up until today, and meets DJ’s, producers and musicians for whom reggae became their gospel. Aired on 'Op Acht'.

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